We’ll I’ve received the first written review of Steve Limpkis Auditions.  And it’s from someone whose writing and advice I’ve appreciated since moving to LA.  Bonnie Gillespie is a blogger, author, producer, and casting director. She specializes in casting SAG indie features and has been named in Back Stage West’s “Best of Los Angeles” Issue multiple times. I’m psyched to finally get to introduce myself and my work to her. Each week in her column she invites actors to send in what she calls a ‘Self-Produced Clip of the Week’ or SPCotW. I did just that and here’s what she had to say.

From Bonnie Gillespie’s weekly column The Actors Voice on ActorsAccess.com:

Self-Produced Clip of the Week: This week’s SPCotW is Steve Limpkis Auditions. Okay, this was freakin’ awesome. I absolutely laughed out loud. I kid you not, the “call me butt love” line sent tears streaming down my cheeks. Thank you for that, alone. From a production standpoint, I loved the details: Stuff like the framed photo of our host in the same outfit he’s wearing during the shoot, the highlights from the resumé on screen during the monologue, the word “seen” in the closed-captioned version of the scene’s ending moment–tip of the hat to both the Bad Actor 101 tactic of saying “scene” at the end and to the homonym confusion (one of my favorite comedic spins).

Really great. Bonus points all over the place. Basically, this is the kind of thing I’d love to see on Somebody’s Basement, regularly. (A note on that, we’re open to all content–even non-premiere content–at Somebody’s Basement, but are more selective on material that doesn’t premiere with us, since it’s already “out there.” So, what I’m saying is, this is so good that even though it’s out there, I’d be honored if you’d consider submitting this to our li’l home for actors’ self-produced content.) I’m generally anti-actor-related-content, because it’s so hard to do well. Navel-gazing is usually only interesting to the navel-owner. But this is just very funny, dry, and well-done. Keep ’em comin’! And thanks for your kind words. That means a lot to me.

If you’d like to read her full blog post which also includes her views on the importance of having a great reel, you may read it here: Reel or Relationship

Of course if you’d like to see the web short head here: Steve Limpkis Auditions.