Steve Limpkis Auditions – An Actor Reviews

Steve Limpkis, actor, reviews his past audition tapes. In this episode he reviews his unsolicited audition for the RSC, the Royale Shakespear Company.

My wife and I were crazy and shot this about a month after our daughter was born. She was sleeping a lot more at the time.


The New Economy Guy

“In this new economy you’ve got to look at every family household expense to decide what stays and what strays.”

Rache and I bogarted a friends’s Canon VIXIA HV20 for way too long just to create something for the internets (thanks guys at DiscoveryOnstage!).  Hyde loved it because he got lots of cheese.  Off of our craft services table of course.

We also reworked a song of Rachael’s for the credits.  “Left To Wander” off of her EP. The lyrics were right but the feel was off.  So with a little re-mix effort I think we made it work fairly well.

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The Coupon Book

“STEVE makes an awesome offer that his former High School classmate LANCE can’t refuse… seriously.”

Shot this in Denver with Patrick, Sabrina & Rachael.  Had some incredible production luck with the absolute perfect car for STEVE, which just so happened to be parked next to LANCE’S ride on shooting day.  Couldn’t have planned it better if we’d tried.

A second act has been shot and currently in post, so stay tuned!

The Homeowners

A story of life, love and real estate.

The brainchild of Patrick Swinnea and based on a true story.  One of these is true.  But ya know, in today’s market, I could see it.

My wife Rachael and I play the ‘happy’ couple.