Juno and the Paycock – Opens April 16

It seems as though we’ve been rehearsing this puppy forever but we’re finally ready to show it off.  We’ve got our irish brogue finely polished (kindof) had our first invited dress rehearsal last night and all went swimmingly.  No major accidents.  A window closed on Armin’s head but he’s a big boy and pulled through just fine.

Fingers crossed that those who join us, enjoy us.  So join us…

Juno and the Paycock @ The Odyssey Theatre:
Opening: April 16, 2011
Closing: June 5, 2011

I = BERNARD in Death of a Salesman for L.A. Theatre Works

I’ll be playing BERNARD in DEATH OF A SALESMAN for L.A. Theatre Works’ weekly syndicated radio show: “L.A. Theatre Works’ National Radio show” carried on NPR stations. Directed by Eric Simonson (writer of LOMBARDI now on broadway), and an impressive cast in Stacy Keach as WILLY, Jane Kaczmarek as LINDA, Sam McMurray, my good friend John Sloan, Steven Culp, Maureen Flannigan, Kathryn Meisle, Tim Monsion, Kate Steele and Kenneth Williams.

L.A. Theatre Works has created the largest library of recorded stage plays in America through this show.  We’re performing the staged reading March 16-20 at The Skirball Cultural Center.

I’m so very thankful to Cathy Reinking, Associate Producer and Casting Director for this project. Bottom line: Thank you Cathy for the invitation to be a part of this!

Tickets here: Death of a Salesman

UP NEXT… Juno and the Paycock @ The Odyssey Theatre

“You sew a thousand seeds and sometimes one takes root and grows.”
— me

So, this project for me started out as a staged reading with the amazing Antaeus Company during their ClassicsFest 2010.  And lo and behold it makes it to the stage as a full production.  I’ll be playing JERRY DEVINE “about twenty-five, well set, active and earnest.”  yep.  Sounds ’bout right.

Terrific cast and directed by Allan Miller (from Wikipedia:”Allan Miller is also known as one of the greatest living acting coaches of our time. He has coached Meryl StreepGeraldine PageBarbra Streisand, and hundreds of the leading actors at The Actors Studio since Lee Strasberg took him under his wing in the 1950s.” – Allan, did you write that?  – Jason)

Cast includes: John Apicella, Kitty Swink, Josh Zuckerman, Jeanne Syquia, Armin Shimerman, Rhonda Aldrich, Janellen Steininger, Joe Delafield, Tim Davies, Aaron Lyons.

Gonna be a good one.

Juno and the Paycock @ The Odyssey Theatre:
Opening: April 16, 2011
Closing: June 5, 2011

King Lear awe yeah!

The Antaeus Company’s “King Lear” led nominations for the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle 2010 awards, taking five, including for production and direction for Bart DeLorenzo.” — Variety

… and this is the postcard I created to shamelessly self promote.

In King Lear at The Antaeus Company as Duke of Burgundy

I’m excited to have been cast as the Duke of Burgundy in King Lear with The Antaeus Company. Not only is it an increadible cast, creatives and crew but it is the company’s first full season and their first fully produced Shakespeare play. King Lear is about the Duke of Burgundy who comes for the hand of King Lear’s daughter Cordelia… and some other stuff happens.

Here’s the lowdown on the production as written in PlayBill.

The Antaeus Company production of Shakespeare’s King Lear, which double-casts three-time Tony Award nominee Harry Groener and Dakin Matthews as the failing king, begins previews June 12 in Los Angeles.

Bart DeLorenzo directs the dual-cast engagement that will continue through Aug. 8. Two gala openings, one for each respective cast, are set for June 26 and 27.

Groener (Crazy for You, An American in Paris) and Anteaus founding artistic director Matthews (2010 Bridge Project) lead a company that (more…)

I Once Went On For Hamlet With Two Hours Notice

hamlet_henningIt was with the Denver Center Theatre Company and probably a few days after we actually had our understudy rehearsal which is taken about as seriously as a… as a… not usually very seriously.  I was playing Guildenstern at the time.  No Rosencrantz. No. Anyway.

From Theater Critic John Moore’s article in the Denver Post Sunday, October 25 2009:

As much as audiences grumble about understudies, they make for some of any company’s most legendary tales. Like when Scott Ferraro came down with food poisoning at 4 p.m. the day of a 2002 preview performance of “Hamlet.” Jason Henning, a third- year conservatory student, was called on to perform the title role having had not one second of rehearsal. Then-artistic director Donovan Marley called it “a world-class performance.” Said Henning afterward: “I was very glad to die.”

You know, because Hamlet dies in the end and so I was very glad that… Anyway, after “And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” etc. and the house went black I immediately stood up and promply walked my shins square into the king’s throne. Nice.

Anyway, I made the fridge again with this clipping.

There are loads of good little stories within this one.  I’ll tell you the full story over a pint.