King Lear awe yeah!

"The Antaeus Company's "King Lear" led nominations for the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle 2010 awards, taking five, including for production and direction for Bart DeLorenzo." -- Variety ... and this is the postcard I created to shamelessly self...

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Steve Limpkis on FunnyOrDie = 100 Views / 100% Funny

Well I have to say I'm pretty excited at this stat. Yeah, we're not talking a lot of hits, and yeah, they're mostly my friends but what the hey... it's a nice round stat... My little web short Steve Limpkis Auditions on has 100 views @ 100% funny. Now I...

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Steve Limpkis Auditions – An Actor Reviews

Steve Limpkis, actor, reviews his past audition tapes. In this episode he reviews his unsolicited audition for the RSC, the Royale Shakespear Company. My wife and I were crazy and shot this about a month after our daughter was born. She was sleeping a lot more at the...

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Steve Limpkis Auditions site launched

So I created a full website for my one episode I wrote, shot, edited, etc. etc. Not sure why. It's not like editing this thing wasn't work enough.  Just inspired to do so I guess. Maybe the effort will lead to an episode two. We'll see. Anyway, take a look if you're...

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In King Lear at The Antaeus Company as Duke of Burgundy

I'm excited to have been cast as the Duke of Burgundy in King Lear with The Antaeus Company. Not only is it an increadible cast, creatives and crew but it is the company's first full season and their first fully produced Shakespeare play. King Lear is about the Duke...

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The New Economy Guy

In this new economy you’ve got to look at every family household expense to decide what stays and what strays.

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The Coupon Book

Steve makes an awesome offer that his former High School classmate Lance can’t refuse… seriously.

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The Homeowners

A story of life, love and real estate. The brainchild of Patrick Swinnea and based on a true story.  One of these is true.  But ya know, in today's market, I could see it. My wife Rachael and I play the 'happy' couple....

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